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How to participate in a #SistersTestify Twitter chat


We’re getting ready to kick off our first Twitter chat!  Many of the folks we’ve contacted directly don’t use Twitter regularly but may join us.  So, we’ve gathered a few guidelines that will help everyone join in the fun.

Before the chat begins

1. Sign up for Twitter.  Sign up for a Twitter account if you don’t have one. It’s easy.  Just complete your profile and follow @SistersTestify and me @DelidaCostin.

2.  Let people know.  Send out a tweet that you are joining a Twitter chat and that for about an hour your account may have high tweet volume. Share an invite to the #SistersTestify chat if you think your followers might find it interesting.

3.  Introductions.  A few minutes before the chat begins, we will ask you to introduce yourself.


Join the chat

1. Look for the questions.  We will tweet questions on our account @SistersTestify. You will also be able to find the questions and answers by searching Twitter for the #SistersTestify hashtag.

2.  Number your answers.  Each question will have a number. Start the answer to your question with that number.  So, if you want to answer “Question 1” begin your tweet with “A1”.

3.  Hashtags!  Include the chat hashtag in your responses. Our primary hashtag is #SistersTestify.

4.  Respond directly?  Just make sure you use that person’s Twitter handle to help others keep track of multiple conversations. Tweets that begin with a Twitter handle will go to that person.  But see the next tip.

5.  Don’t forget the “.”   Just remember that you must include a “.” in front of the @ if you want everyone to read your tweet.

6.  Real and positive.  Real talk is the goal, but let’s stay positive.

After the chat

1. Follow up.  Stay in touch with the people you’ve met – this is another way to network, learn, and engage.

2.  Engage.  Sign up for the Sisters Testify Newsletter if you want to stay connected.

3.  Answer more questions.  You didn’t complete our survey? Well, there’s still time!


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One comment on “How to participate in a #SistersTestify Twitter chat

  • Thank you for setting this up. I love being connected to my sisters all over the world. We must continue to defend ourselves.

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