Sisters Testify Twitter Chat Invitation

Anita Hill testified 27 years ago today

Join Our first Twitter Chat on Tuesday, October 23, from 9am-10am PST.

Anita Hill testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee 27 years ago today.

Twelve days later, Justice Clarence Thomas joined the Supreme Court.  We decided that the 27th anniversary of his swearing in would be a great time to gather with a Twitter Chat.

What’s the topic?

Share reactions to the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearings and the Senate’s decision to move him onto the Supreme Court.

Who’s invited?


Plus, this is a great opportunity for signatories of the original African American Women in Defense of Ourselves proclamation and their supporters to meet.  When we initially reached out to engage with signatories of the 1991 African American Women in Defense of Ourselves proclamation, we tried every method of communication, from phone calls and postal mail to emails and the launch of our website. We’ve been gratified by the initial enthusiasm about our history project and fascinated by the responses to our survey. We’re still looking for many signatories and now it’s time to start casting our net wider.

Please join us and share the news of our Twitter Chat with your community!

Sisters Testify Twitter Chat

Topic:  Reactions to the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation

Tuesday, October 23

9:00am – 10:00am PST

Finally, if you would like to discuss other topics, please tell us in the comments!  And if you haven’t taken our survey yet, please take a few minutes to finish it now.

See you on October 23rd!

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